Too much stuff? De-clutter!

Do we all live in a culture for owning too much stuff? Buying things we don’t need, and then buying duplicates when we can’t find them. I think we’ve all done it.

I’ve recently realised I needed to de-clutter my room. My reason behind deciding this? I learned that a messy room is not good for your mental health. Think about it, do you really need the extra stress, energy and time consuming moments in your day to find things? I know i’d rather relax and focus on myself. That’s one reason, but another reason was that I (eventually, given I am a millenial) plan to move out. And I don’t want to be taking things with me I don’t need, and adding to the time taken to sort things when the moving day comes. The less I own, the easier it is and the happier I will be!

I have slowly been doing this over the course of a few months, and I can honestly say it’s been a big help. I feel happier and more relaxed in my own space. And I know where everything is!

From selling things, donating to charity, throwing out rubbish. And sorting anything I wanted to keep, it’s been a tough job. I tried to stick to the “keep 7 things on the side” rule. And only keeping things that bring me joy, or are useful.

Obviously sentimental things are harder to part with, so instead I’ve chosen to only keep a few of those things. Maybe one day I can bring myself to part with more. But I think it’s nice to keep a small amount.

I have learned the most about how emotionally attached to objects we all are. It’s ridiculous really when you think about it. I de-cased my DVD collection to save space. And it looks fantastic now and saves so much more space. However i was shocked how even throwing out the cases was difficult!

I would encourage all of you to take a look at your surroundings, and if you don’t love it. Change it! Throw away the clutter. It will make you free and happier just owning less stuff. I still have a little way still to go, but just the art of parting with things you don’t want or use is a fantastic habit to have.

Read a few books or articles on the subject. I found Pinterest a great source of organisation and room inspiration.

Have you had an experience de-cluttering? Let me know how it went, was it good, tough, exhausting? My experience was all of the above!

#Declutter #Tidy #Organising #Minimalism #Mindfulness

Author: nerdgirllaura

I love Marvel. Disney. Cats. Nature. Makeup. Skincare. Technology. Games. Adventure. Life.

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