Superdrug Mud Mask

I love the Superdrug own brand products. Albeit I’m a tad biased as they are my employers, but any excuse to review some beauty products! I’ve used Superdrug own brand face masks for years because they are cheap and excellent value. But I have yet to try this one. So I thought I’d review it for you guys!

This afternoon I’m trying out the Tea Tree skincare range. Specifically the Deep Cleansing Mud Mask. I have combination skin, so tea tree is definitely something I can benefit from!

Upon application I can smell the essential oils, the tea tree and peppermint are nice and strong! If you like a strong smelling mask then you won’t be disappointed. The clay felt really smooth on my face when applying. Then it started to harden, which is always a sign of a good mask. I left this on for 15mins before removing it, but 10-15 mins is fine.

To remove you simply wash with warm water. And you’re left with smooth skin! I noticed a difference in the lack of oil on my face after use. It can be a little drying, so I would definitely recommend following with a moisturizer.

Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians, Superdrug don’t test on animals either which is great. Good little mask for just 99p!

If you’re trying to cut down on skin care costs, definitely worth trying the own brand mask range.

Author: nerdgirllaura

I love Marvel. Disney. Cats. Nature. Makeup. Skincare. Technology. Games. Adventure. Life.

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